Revolutionary freezing technology
Transforming the Future of Food Preservation with Revoltech

By seamlessly integrating advanced HyperFreezing techniques, we ensure food producers and HoReCa clients get unparalleled quality and efficiency. We making the way for a sustainable and waste-free food supply chain, and transforming the global food industry. Discover the future with Revoltech, where sustainability meets innovation.
Cutting edge Technology

At the core of Revoltech’s innovation is the proprietary HyperFreezing technology, which utilizes electrostatic fields to prevent the formation of large ice crystals during the freezing process. This breakthrough method ensures that food retains its cellular structure, resulting in higher quality and longer shelf life compared to traditional freezing methods. HyperFreezing not only maintains the nutritional value and taste of food but also significantly reduces electricity costs and CO2 emissions.
Food that does not lose its taste and beneficial properties when frozen, not only improves the quality of life, but fundamentally changes the world, from supply chains improvment to the better diet for the entire humanity. It sounds ambitious but together we can bring closer this future.
Marketplace for Sustainability

Revoltech has developed B2B marketplace that connects food producers with HoReCa clients, including hotels, restaurants, and catering services. This platform allows for efficient distribution of HyperFrozen products, reducing food waste and operational costs for businesses. By offering premium quality frozen food, Revoltech enables its clients to save on labor costs, decrease food waste, and ensure consistent quality.
Global Impact and Growth

Starting with the demanding market of 5-star hotels in the UAE, Revoltech has rapidly expanded its client base and is now poised to enter new markets and regions. The company’s innovative approach has garnered recognition from global experts and industry leaders, including PwC and Hub71. Revoltech aims to tackle food waste on a global scale and become a part of comunity of visioners for the real changes.
Let's shape the future the way we dream of it together. All significant changes begin with talents uniting for a common goal.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Co-founder & Chief Science Officer
Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer
Roman Bagiev
Oleg Igoshev
Rabih Zeineddine
15 years entrepreneurship experience in food science
Founded and drove food science & ingredients company for 10 years into TOP 5 player in Eastern Europe markets.
18 years food ingredients experience
Eastern Europe markets, boosting the sales turnover eventually to 100 million euros, creating effective business units and engaging in development of products with the key customers.
20 years kitchen operation carrier in Dubai started from a waiter to the top executive and partner.
Operation professional with extensive experience in all phases of operations management.