Revolutionary freezing technology
820 million people starving .. And in the same time 1.3 billion tons food wasting annually…

Half of death related to the diet problem and more than half facing obesity because of over consuming unhealthy fast food ..

But what if instead of throwing away food it will reach starving people and feed them?
What if instead of unhealthy fast food you’ll get in 5 minutes everywhere you go delicious healthy food?
Revoltech invented the most healthiest way how to preserve food and save all nutrients for a long shelf life.

And we made it affordable for any kitchen on the planet.
Our solution

Hyper Freezing Technology
It’s less than 2 hours combination process of freezing below minus 40C° together with the use of electrostatics.

Such field affects water molecules keeping them moving therefore significantly reducing the size of ice crystals to keep cells alive and avoiding water separation to save all nutritions what makes food after defrosting just as freshly made.

Top chefs were not able to recognise the difference during the blind degustation.

Revol Food
Our breakthrough patent technology preventing ice crystal formation by applying electric fields during the freezing process which helps keeps food fresh 18 months.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Co-founder & Chief Science Officer
Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer
Roman Bagiev
Oleg Igoshev
Rabih Zeineddine
15 years entrepreneurship experience in food science
Founded and drove food science & ingredients company for 10 years into TOP 5 player in Eastern Europe markets.
18 years food ingredients experience
Eastern Europe markets, boosting the sales turnover eventually to 100 million euros, creating effective business units and engaging in development of products with the key customers.
20 years kitchen operation carrier in Dubai started from a waiter to the top executive and partner.
Operation professional with extensive experience in all phases of operations management.